Professional debt collection services for educational organizations collecting student debts

Unpaid accounts receivables created when students withdraw from college are challenges our clients face every day. Let our experienced team help you.

Risk-free debt collection services

We only get paid when you do. Our services and fees are entirely contingent on our success in collecting your overdue accounts. Let our smart, cost-effective, communications technologies, tools, and methods start working to get you paid. Pricing

Advanced debt collection tools, technologies, and methods

Since 1981 we’ve recovered millions of dollars of distressed and defaulted student debts. We’ve evolved and refined our recovery skills by three decades of helping students repay their student loan obligations. We will increase your campus collections by utilizing smart, effective, and cost-efficient debt collection technologies, tools, and methods:

Call Center

Call Center Our agents are skilled advocates for clients and effective at negotiating with students to motivate them to pay even when they think they cannot pay their bills. Our in-bound/out-bound bi-lingual (English & Spanish) call center is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is TCPA compliant.

Cell Phone

Text Messaging

Text Messaging 
Text messaging helps us deliver immediate messages to get your consumer’s attention. We make sure we stay in compliance with ever-changing TCPA regulations regarding this technology.

Postal Mail

Postal Mail Postal mail is still one of the best ways to get students’ attention. Our letters get attention when previous overdue statements do not. When students see you’ve turned to a third-party debt collector they know you are serious about recovery


Email We produce creative, impactful, high-volume email campaigns. We reach your student’s in-box with calls to action to get attention and resolve the overdue accounts.

Skip Tracing Location Services

Skip Tracing Location Services If you are having problems locating former students, let our skip-tracing team’s advance research techniques help you locate new addresses, phone numbers, and employers. There is no additional fee for this service. Our team has perfected advanced proprietary contact research and strategies.

Bilingual in English and Spanish

Bilingual in English and Spanish Our communications and call center agents are based in New Mexico and are bilingual and available in English and Spanish with native Spanish speakers on our team.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Resources, tools, and counseling services for students to be smarter about their finances and paying off their debts.


Litigation We offer litigation services on select types of debt that require legal actions but this is always used a last resort for accounts. We have our own in-house litigation team to consult on all legal matters and advise clients when litigation is appropriate.

Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service Our knowledgeable representatives provide exceptional customer service to both students and clients.

Customized Strategies

Customized Strategies We customize collection strategies based on type of debt and the student’s true financial situation. Our agents understand that life circumstances can sometimes prevent people from paying their bills and we work with each individual to ensure compassionate resolutions.

Account Reporting

Account Reporting We want you to know what is happening with your accounts. Our comprehensive standard monthly reports are a part of our service to you. Additional flexible customized reporting options can also be tailored to meet your needs.

Timely & Accurate Remittance

Timely & Accurate Remittance Our goal is to collect as much money for your institution as soon as possible. We remit statements monthly. We can remit by ACH or check.